Sarah Phelps

Sarah Phelps - Founder of Glittering Stars Publishing

Sarah Phelps is a newly self-published author who has spent most of her time being a full time mum to her children.

Her books are written and based upon her young son who has autism where she is able to transport his imagination and how he deals with everyday situations into fun magical tales for him and others alike to enjoy.

Sarah has recently won the ‘Mum of the Year ’ category at the Pride of Wales Awards 2017. These amazing awards were held by Nation Radio and she was honoured and humbled to have received such an award. Nation Radio felt that Sarah had gone that extra mile in her busy life by writing and publishing books about and for Thomas.

Sarah is currently working on another adventure of Thomas and his blanket which will hopefully be available very soon.

Sarah's Books

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Thomas - The Star of the Show

Thomas is seven years old and has Autism. He is a very happy little boy who loves his blanket and reading books. After teaching himself to read by watching alphabet and word videos I have created these stories about him and for him.

‘The Adventures of Thomas and blanket’ are stories based on how he is with everyday situations and also how I perceive and hope his imagination to be. These stories have greatly improved the experience for Thomas when he visits the hairdresser and dentist as he can relate the situation to his stories.

The ‘Bossy Little Ladybird’ is based upon some of the much-loved cuddly toys that Thomas has in his bedroom and he has enjoyed reading and listening to this story and bringing his own toys to life.